Born in Milan, Akola (aka Andrea Colaianni) is always been influenced by all that this city is able to represent as fashion, trends and nightlife.
Discovers in the ’90s the “Isla Blanca”, during the transition period from tribal and underground sounds of “flower power” to the current musically mass structure.
Artistically Ibiza will mark him indelibly, inspiring source of sounds from different worlds and cultures, but always in balance with nature and show.
These influences has easily heard in all his musical productions, where games vocal and bass lines bring to Ibizenco mood.
A solution of continuity between past and present, characterized by the typical sound of house music.


Brown Sugar (Record Union)
Real (Heartbeat)
Eyes (DeivRecords)
This Place (DeivRecords)
Under Reflection (DeivRecords)
Alma Negra (DeivRecords)
Pass You By (First Planet)
Show Me Perfection (First Planet)
Soul Spin (Coffeeshop Records)
Days (Red Drum Music)



Agency: N/A

The artist

Nationality: Italy

Resident in: Italy