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Alche-Beat consists of Panos Tsouroutas & Yiannis Tsilimigras:

Yiannis started taking piano lessons as well as music theory at the age of seven. At the middle class level he stopped his classical music education. As a teenager he played keys in different kinds of bands and started to compose his own music. In the late 90’s ‘Lemon’ magazine, specialized in dance music, included his tracks in its compilation CDs. ‘Life FM’ radio station played at the period these tracks. In 2001 his track ‘Killed Angels’ was chosen and competed with 8 other songs in the Greek final of the “Eurovision Song Contest”. In 2003 his tracks ‘Amour Impitoyable’ and ‘Stay’ won the first and second prize respectively among 2000 candidates in the ‘Sing Your Song’ contest organized by the TV station ‘Alter Channel’, Siemens and the ‘Legend’ recording company.

While working as a History and Language teacher, John met Panos, who also taught at the same school as a physicist, and since then they share their common passion about EDM.

Panos is a self-educated musician and composes music by instinct. In 1998 he excelled in the international Music Contest ‘Get out there’ with his track ‘Mayhem’. His background in Physics and his PhD thesis in Semiconductor Physics helps him view music production from a different angle and catch up on to the latest of music technology and keep his sound afresh.

In 2013 Yiannis and Panos formed Alche-Beat and ‘Addicted2Bass records’ released their track ‘Free Europe’.

In 2015 “Simple Ghost Music”
released the Future House track “Silent Noiz” featuring Maria P on vocals and the Big Room track “Mind Bending”.

In 2016 “Skye Energy Deep” released their track “Aegean Sea”, a tribute for the innocent refugee children victims drowned at the Aegean Sea. In September “Skye Energy Records” released their atmospheric deep house vocal track “When I Think of U” & their wobble bass house vocal track “The World Can Change”.

In 2017 Alveda Deep released “Med Colors” a kind of Tropical House but with sounds from Mediterranean and Middle East with a “trip-y” feeling that smells like summer and sounds pretty exotic!

Yiannis and Panos keep producing different kinds of EDM and enjoy mixing and matching such genres together.


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