Anderson Guerbe

Brazil //



In 2014, Anderson Guerbe created the project “Wild Wolf”. At first it was just a hobby, and was facing the “Euro House”. With the development of the project, Anderson was producing sounds going to the “Electro House” style and he was gradually improving knowledge in music production area. He has decided to study piano, mastering techniques and the market of electronic music. With the support of his wife Mayra Lopes,  he implemented a small home studio in his apartment and,  at the same time decided to migrate his compositions for “Electro House” and  “Progressive House”.  The true fan and the real producer knows that become underground is to become one, no matter if it is “hype”. So, Anderson did not give up style and initiated together with his wife, house label called “Guerbe records”. The single “Hop Bass”, published in 2015, is the first release of label and the first Wild Wolf music.
In 2017 Anderson changed the logo and decided to use his real name as an artistic name. In addition, he included in the project some compositions in the style “Deep House” and “Nu disco”. The different styles worked by the artist guarantee freedom and personality in the production, being different from the market of “House music”, because its music mixes styles (Electro, progressive, deep and nu disco), but maintains the main style as fundamental characteristic.


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