United Kingdom

Cjlaw, a versatile artist and music producer, began her career as a dancer, entertaining audiences in clubland across the south coast and London. From 2000 to 2009, Cjlaw gained recognition as the official Kylie Minogue soundalike, showcasing vocal talent.

In 2004, Cjlaw took a bold step onto the X-Factor stage, further establishing their presence in the music scene. The pursuit of knowledge led them to study Music Technology in 2007, laying the foundation for a deeper understanding of the industry.

Transitioning into the role of lead singer for Neurotic Angels from 2009 to 2010, Cjlaw continued to explore diverse musical avenues. The evolution continued as they ventured into music production and DJing from 2010 onwards, contributing their creativity to the electronic music landscape.

Adding an academic dimension to their journey, Cjlaw earned a BSc (Honours) in Psychology in 2020, showcasing a commitment to holistic growth. Embracing the digital age, CjLaw expanded her artistic horizons into Digital Multimedia Artistry in 2021, demonstrating a seamless blend of creativity and technological proficiency. Cjlaw’s multi-faceted career reflects a continuous pursuit of artistic expression across various artistic domains

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