Cris Rodera

Costa Rica // San José



Music is one of the best ways to disconnect us from the world and our concerns to make you feel inexplicable sensations. Since a very young age I was a music fan, listening to all kinds of genres, thanks to my father´s influence who is a musician. So from a very young age I started practicing at home with my CD’s and software on the computer. In 2008 I had the opportunity to start my career as a DJ doing some private events for close friends and family. Since that year I began to get involved more often to improve my technique and make better mixes of all top music genres but especially electronic music. In 2015, not only did my events become more followed, but I also had the opportunity to broadcast on an online radio show where I mixed live and shared with listeners from different countries. That introduced me to different local bars until I arrived at one of the best clubs in Central America Club Vertigo in San José, Costa Rica next to great artists of the national scene. I am currently exploring music production in order to make my own songs and my remixes even more professional, always with my clear goals to improve and be able to transmit that joy to the people who follow me


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