Deejay Tao

Italy [Canegrate]

Mattia Taormina aka Deejay Tao is a Dj – Producer from Milan (Italy). He began his career as a DJ back in 1995, starting to play in the cellar of his house with the vinyls of his brother who was also a DJ. In 1999 he discovered the world of production and began to produce the first tracks in complete autonomy and in addition to making productions he started producing Mashup & Boootleg. In 2000 he decides to participate in a famous Radio DJ program/contest (DO RE MIX) conducted by the very famous DJ Molella, winning over all with the remake of the track – Girls Just Want to Have Fun, a song by Cyndi Lauper, this catapults him definitively into the world of music production starting his own adventure in his recording studio. In those years he was a guest on various radios including Radio10.7, Radio Busto Live, Ok Musik Radio and Radio Delta International, presenting his own record productions to the public. Over the years he has collaborated with various artists including the Brothers, DJ FGTC and Mario Tonoli. His style is influenced by the famous dj and producer Giuseppe Ottaviani , Rank1 , TranzLift , Aly & Fila and by Trance & Techno sounds and over the years he focuses on Trance & Melodic Trance always looking for new melodies. Deejay Tao is currently working on a project that is very important to him. Melodic tracks of pure uplifting trance.

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