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Daniele sgroi, based in Rome, is a dj since 2003 and a producer since 2006. He has 23 releases to his credit between ep and singles, two of which entered the respective top 100 beatport charts.
This is the story until the advent of Kiras, a new project born in 2017, which led to the creation of a dozen tracks ready to be released in 2020 and which gave birth to the live-set conceived and built in the last few months.
Live-set in which different inspirations and sounds will alternate, from downtempo to future house, from glitch-hop to progressive house, passing through the most disparate electronic experiments.
A live that offers continuous mutations of sound and bpm and which includes in the role of co-protagonist, a visual stitched and created expressly on each single song.
Zero stakes, few rules. Polyhedricity, cheekiness and a pinch of healthy madness. No more explanations, experience it!


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