“Surrounded by one true passion, music.”

Artist name ‘’M0narch’’ was chosen by Giorgi and Guga as they are considered to be the descendants of Byzantine emperor Αλέξιος Β’ Κομνηνός (Alexios II Komnēnos).
M0narch was never afraid to challenge and go too deep into diverse music genres, due to this fact M0narch found the sound that gives the opportunity to express the feelings and speak to the audience. From the start M0narch was created by two cousins from Tbilisi, Georgia. Nowadays, M0narch is represented by one artist, Giorgi Dugashvili, who started producing electronic music – deep melodic techno in 2015, which is being released in different net labels.
The core characteristics of the music composed by M0narch are dark, deep hypnotic groove, melodic, playful rhythm and a blurry sound. M0narch is still diligently engaged in the route of producing the electronic music and DJing around the world.

”They will not appreciate what you are doing, but will recognize what you have done.” – M0narch



Agency: N/A

Email: monarch.ge@gmail.com

The artist

Nationality: Georgia

Resident in: Georgia