Malc G

United Kingdom [Rochdale]

Hailing from Rochdale, UK, Malc G enjoyed success worldwide in the D&B scene under the name ‘Marukomu.’ As the music changed into the more minimal and atmospheric sound, he began craving the vibe and feeling that was non-existent in the scene at the time. He found what he was looking for by returning to his first love; House music. With the opening of a new nightspot in his hometown called ‘The13ar’ which focused solely on House, he was soon getting the urge to play music again and became one of the residents. As his enthusiasm grew, he was eventually playing on radio once more and then back behind the buttons, creating his own unique sounds to play in his sets. It wasn’t long before DJ’s picked up on some of his tracks which in turn led to labels wanting to sign his music again. He currently has several releases lined up on various labels with more projects in the pipeline.

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