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Markoza is an Israeli music producer (Marik Elikishvili) who creates electronic dance music. Markoza makes music to “give life color; without it life would be black and miserable”.

After first hearing electronic music at age 14, Markoza was instantly intrigued. A friend gave him an old MS-DOS application called Impulse Tracker – basically a precursor to today’s production suites like Logic.

Markoza was hooked, and he started to make music himself. For inspiration, he went to trance music parties to see artists like Infected Mushroom – who, notably, began making music on Impulse Tracker themselves.

Markoza continued to make music while serving in the military, DJing on base over the weekends and playing that music.

After the military (and after Impulse Tracker became obsolete) Markoza learned how to make his music with Cubase instead, and how to make his own sounds with a Yamaha CS6x synth.

Since then, he’s been working away at becoming the best he can be, always learning new things. With several singles signed to record labels like “Loud DJs Records” , “Noanwer records” and now “Alveda music group” he’s building up from a strong foundation.

Today Markoza makes progressive trance and house music, influenced by the likes of Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, and Paul van Dyk.


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