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Bulgarian born, I started my journey as a musician in high school, keen on learning how to play the guitar. About then was the first time I heard a house record: I started testing and playing around with different DAWs and trying to learn how to manipulate sound which became my biggest fascination. I fell in love with Big Room house at university in Denmark: the record that made the biggest impression was Quintino & Sandro Silva – Epic. Since then I`ve been looking for that energy that echoes through space. I started a career in Project Management: as most people I didn’t believe that the art world is safe enough to even try to pursue a career in it. But after a tough period of sleepless nights due to stress and depression I realised that the security of that world costs me too much so I pulled the plug – which led me to where I am now. Pushing and pushing, polishing my sound and style with every day and hoping to move crowds!

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