Stan Kayh

France // Valenciennes



Stan Kayh is a French DJ Producer from Valenciennes, France.

He started learning music & guitar at 10 while composing music for fun. At the age of 13, he became volunteer as a radio entertainer on several associative radios.

In 2011, Kiss FM (Cannes, France) hired him as a professional radio entertainer & producer. One year later, Stan Kayh integrates NRJ, the 1st music station in France. He then naturally learnt DJing and started leading shows in bars at 23.

In just a few years, Stan Kayh has performed in numerous clubs (Whizzz & Network), outdoor festivals (beach, mountains…) and on stage (NRJ Music Tour). He also likes to bring his shows in unusual places like inside a University by night.

Stan Kayh started producing many mash’ups that reached good acclaim online, and since 2020, is releasing his own tracks & remixes.

Always willing to help new talents to develop, Stan Kayh also founded his own e-learning school for French DJs: Formation-DJ.com

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