Steve Melodic

South Africa // Roodepoort



My DJ name is Steve Melodic, a DJ of all genres. I enjoy sports, fitness, gaming and fishing. DJing and Producing is my biggest passion of all. I enjoy all genres of music. One genre just a little more than all the other genres, Uplifting Trance and Psychedelic Trance. Ever since I was a teenager, I was into music like Thunderdome and Hard Core Gabba. I always would bring CD’s o house parties and ask the DJ to play my CD’s. The people at these parties would love the hard-core music. A year or two later I started going to clubs to party and I was in awe of the DJ and his every move on the turn tables. Every time I went home after the parties, I would wish it was me that was up in the booth entertaining the crowd. As I progressed into my 20’s, I became a fitness instructor and people loved the thumping beats I played in the gym. As my 20’s started to come to an end, people told me I have good taste in music and suggested I become a DJ. I downloaded a free program called Virtual DJ and taught myself how to DJ. The mixes I made at that time, was not so good. My music selection was very good though. As I moved into my 30’s my mixing skills progressed very well and mixed well into key. I started to receive international applause by launching them onto Soundcloud. I made my own mixes for gym members to listen to. They loved it so much, that they started to follow me on social media. The also promoted my mixes. I entered Mix To Win, Came 15th on the Electro Chart, no 72 on the EDM chart and 33rd on the Deep Tech chart. I have 1.5k plays on Spotify, 300 plays on Soundcloud. I was on Beatport Hype Chart for 3 weeks in a row. My name is Steve Taylor and I have been DJing since 2011. I have completed several courses in music production. I have released 6 tracks and a EP. Created two produced remix edits. I have released on labels such as TIP Recordings, Redux Records, Yeiskomp Recordings and Alveda Music. Music is my life and my deepest passion. Through the eyes and ears of music, I am to transform lives.

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