Strana 03

Strana 03


The project Strana 03 is Artem Mkrtchyan from Russia, the city of Yakutsk. Strana 03 exists since 2002. He is a regular member of all dance events in Yakutsk city. In the his live performances, there are elements of real sound instruments : ethnic instruments, midi-keyboard. Since 2012, the project Strana 03 starts collaborate with label Plexus Music (www.plexusmusic.net). In the same year he published the first official album “The Pacified Stay”. At the moment Strana 03 continues cooperation with the Plexus Music. Since 2019, Strana 03 begins collaboration with the Greek-British record company Alveda Music.



Agency: N/A

The artist

Nationality: Armenian

Resident in: Russia