United Kingdom // Guildford



My name is VTARYON, an enthusiastic electronic music producer & learning DJ based in the United Kingdom. At the age of 5, I first heard the ‘concept’ of modern-futuristic-sounding music and instantly fell in love with that. From that point, my journey through electronic music was growing until finding my place of alikes and favorite genres. My first contact with producing occurred when participating in a Facebook Pepsi competition for remixing a Spanish track called ‘Wally Lopez – Now Is The Time feat. Jasmine V’. That felt massively great and immediately started to investigate how to follow that emotion. After 10 years, here I am, still creating magical-sounding waves that make people dance. During my career, I have been producing mostly EDM (Big Room, Electro House, Progressive House, Jungle Terror) and recently expanding my spectrum to Hard Scene, Trap, and Moombahton. Because music is about feelings and emotions and no one should get stuck by any kind of boundaries.


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