United States [Orlando, Florida]

Currently based in Orlando, Florida, Woody has a global outlook influenced by the time he has spent around the globe. Having lived in Japan, Greece and Hawaii he has always been open to new ideas and new cultures influencing his own creative process. Brandon Woodward’s EDM story begins in Tokyo where he experienced his first music festival – Ultra Japan. His path was set immediately; his musical journey beginning at that very moment. Each country he has lived in has helped to shape Woody’s open-minded and innovative musical style. He is set on making his musical career meaningful not only to himself but to dance music lovers around the globe. Revolving around crisp, melodic production, euphoric breakdowns and intense, floor-shaking drops, Woodys music provides a truly emotional experience. With a string of releases on tastemaker labels already under his belt, he is fast gathering a reputation as a future progressive house hero! Woody sent sparks through the prog house world with his singles ‘Lost’, ‘Out Of Control’ and his most recent release; ‘Play Hard’, out now on Harmor Records. The latest cut combines rich sub bass with pinpoint blasts of whip-crack sound design alongside Woody’s trademark earworm hooks. Primed for a huge second half of 2020, Woody is just getting started.

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