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The forum of the label group is now available!

Feel free to register, ask your questions and share your ideas with producers of Alveda Music here:


6 May 2018 Music Industry Read more

Fresh compilation albums coming soon on the main label!

We are preparing some crazy stuff! Within the next days you will find some of the hottest tracks getting released on your favorite label.


3 May 2018 Music Industry Read more

Avicii changed the global EDM industry

So many producers worldwide got inspired from Avicii, he was one of the most important people on the EDM scene.

Everyone shocked about his death. Also our label group is so sad about it. Please accept our condolences, Avicii will not be forgotten.



23 April 2018 Music Industry Read more


The office is closed from 4 to 9 April for the Greek Easter. Only some very limited services are available.


4 April 2018 Music Industry Read more

Alveda Gold is now the No.1 label of the label group based on sales!

For the first time after the domination of Alveda Music & AMVA on the label group for 2 years. Alveda Gold, one of the newest labels the group today becomes the No.1 label of the label group based on sales. Please note that the main label doesn’t release anymore single releases, so that’s also the main reason that Alveda Music is the third label based on sales (second is AMVA).

Alveda Gold is owned by Falcos Panagiotis and created in order to host mostly the Future House releases of Alveda Music (there are also some exceptions).


15 March 2018 Music Industry Read more

Under discussion about artists that used “fake promotion”

The label management is planning to discuss within the next days about some artists that used non-authorized promotion services.


3 March 2018 Music Industry Read more

DJs are free to use the tracks on their mixes for YouTube!

There are a lot of labels out there that they are taking down videos that contain their music. On our label group, every DJ is free to use our tracks on his mix (but without monetizing permission). Meaning that you can use the tracks on your videos, but you don’t have permission to make any profits from this.


30 November 2017 Music Industry Read more

Almost ready to introduce the Alveda Music Bookings!

Falcos is under talks to introduce Events & Artist Management on the label group. From the budget side, the label is ready at any moment to invest. All we need at the moment, is a strong person as a manager to lock and announce officially the operations. The management service it’s expected to be free for members with 1 or more releases signed on Alveda Music and with a paid subscription plan for non-members or artists without any release on the label group.


19 November 2017 Music Industry Read more

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