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Avicii changed the global EDM industry

So many producers worldwide got inspired from Avicii, he was one of the most important people on the EDM scene.

Everyone shocked about his death. Also our label group is so sad about it. Please accept our condolences, Avicii will not be forgotten.



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The office is closed from 4 to 9 April for the Greek Easter. Only some very limited services are available.


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Alveda Gold is now the No.1 label of the label group based on sales!

For the first time after the domination of Alveda Music & AMVA on the label group for 2 years. Alveda Gold, one of the newest labels the group today becomes the No.1 label of the label group based on sales. Please note that the main label doesn’t release anymore single releases, so that’s also the main reason that Alveda Music is the third label based on sales (second is AMVA).

Alveda Gold is owned by Falcos Panagiotis and created in order to host mostly the Future House releases of Alveda Music (there are also some exceptions).


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Under discussion about artists that used “fake promotion”

The label management is planning to discuss within the next days about some artists that used non-authorized promotion services.


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DJs are free to use the tracks on their mixes for YouTube!

There are a lot of labels out there that they are taking down videos that contain their music. On our label group, every DJ is free to use our tracks on his mix (but without monetizing permission). Meaning that you can use the tracks on your videos, but you don’t have permission to make any profits from this.


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Almost ready to introduce the Alveda Music Bookings!

Falcos is under talks to introduce Events & Artist Management on the label group. From the budget side, the label is ready at any moment to invest. All we need at the moment, is a strong person as a manager to lock and announce officially the operations. The management service it’s expected to be free for members with 1 or more releases signed on Alveda Music and with a paid subscription plan for non-members or artists without any release on the label group.


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For Management Companies

We are looking for companies to manage the artists on the label group for bookings/events. We don’t have any hard requirements, but we will need a company that can guarantee minimum 5 gigs per year in total. The label group is not interest to be involved on the deals between the management and the artists. But we will promote the events/gigs etc. on our website, social media, newsletters and blogs.


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Most common mistakes that an artist can do with his demo +Tips

Let’s start what with the most common mistakes that we seen on the 5 years running the label.

1. Sending the same email on multiple people

That’s one of the top mistakes that an artist can do. Most labels when they are receiving an email like that, the first thing that they say is “Are you kidding me now?”. And the reason is because the most labels don’t like to know that you had send the same demo on others too. So the solution here is simple, send a unique email to each label (BUT before you do it, read the whole post and you will understand at the end why).

2. Sending your demo on multiple labels

A lot of labels, but mainly the big record companies don’t like to know that your demo is submitted also on other labels. That’s why on their demo boxes you will see in most cases a ticking option asking you if the demo is exclusive or not. Many artists ticking the exclusive option without even know what they do. Some labels like Alveda Music, they are checking always with some partnered labels the exclusivity of the demo, nobody in most cases can know everything about your demo. But always the bigger label groups are sharing information with their labels.

3. Getting your track signed ASAP

Many times you sign your track on smaller labels because they had responded fast and after 2-3 weeks you are getting a better deal from a larger label. But you lost it as you had signed your track on a smaller label. That’s your fault and you have to accept it, don’t try to takedown your track (you will simply blame your name). Take your time, send your demo on one single label give them 3-4 weeks to reply, if they don’t, then send it to an other one (only with this way you will get the best deal). For a major deal you may need to wait even 2 months, but that’s the industry and you have to accept it.

4. You are sending an email and you don’t use their Demo Box

Looks simple and you ask your self “what is the difference?”, but it means really a lot. When a label has website and a Demo Box, by sending an email with your demo (without using the demobox) is like saying “I haven’t even looked your website and I just want you to release my track”. In most cases they will simply don’t even listen to your track.

5. You are sending your demo without your social media information

Sending your demo without your social media information is like being from an other world and trying to get your track released. Without your social media information you are losing 50% of your chances to get the demo accepted. Even if your track is not perfect, by including your social media information is a big benefit for you. BUT take care, you have to setup your social media well, with real pictures, with posts from your past productions and many things they will make the label manager say “Nice demo, his social media information is looking great and is a person that we can trust”.

Now let me give you some tips and some important things that you have to know!

1. Even if your demo is accepted don’t think that you will be a superstar

It’s a big myth, there are so many artists with Top 100s on Beatport but nobody is knowing them! So don’t even think with a simple deal that you will be a superstar, in most cases nothing will change in your life. There are million artists like you, but it’s up to you to build your fanbase and make some good partners (labels, managers, promoters etc.)

2. Don’t think that the label can make you famous

That’s the biggest lie in the industry. The label can help you to develop some stuff, to increase your chances, but it’s up to you to become what you are thinking about. If you think that with simple good production you can become famous, then you are completely wrong (or very lucky). Once your track is released, share links everywhere, ask promoters and DJs to check your track (the label may do the same but on it’s own people, that is never enough).

3. Money is not the key of success

The truth is that money walks bullshit walks but… What will happen if you are investing on your track and getting back nothing? That’s something happened many times on many artists and companies in the industry.

4. Support other musicians and people

If you don’t support others, nobody will support you and that’s very important for the beginning of your career. You have to be a person that everyone would like to work with and everyone would like to have you as a friend or partner. So if you have any friends that you think they can help you, go forward, support them and ask them to do the same if it’s possible.

5. Being active on the social media

If you would like to be a successful artist then sure you have to be always active on the social media! Keep in contact always with your fans and share stuff that they would like to check about. Live streaming is also a very good idea.


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