07 January 2021

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Neo Paulex’s music video got over 100k views within 2 months!

His track “Moonlight” with the music video released on 31th of October 2020 and already got over 100k views. The track is available also on all major platforms by Alveda Music and you can find it here: https://alv.link/GRVV1108 Follow the artist: https://www.instagram.com/neo.paulex/

15 December 2020

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Chris Kaos drops his new track “Into the Fire”!

‘Into The Fire’ is all about bravery. It’s about facing your fears head on, and running straight into the darkness and creating a light of your own. ‘Into The Fire’ takes you on a musical journey from very soothing lyrics to rhythmic extacy. Fueled by powerful bass sounds and uplifting […]

23 August 2020

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Delays on new video uploads and promotions till 14 September 2020

We are working on some amazing plans to develop our promo / management tools / video designs in order to have more effective and simple management. Many things are coming up! Stay tuned!

08 July 2020

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