We are interest to host more labels on the group!

We are interest to host 2 more labels on the group in 2017, as our plans are becoming bigger and bigger day by the day. Right now we are a group of 5 labels and we would love to see more labels under the Alveda Music Group.

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Our website is under attack by hackers

Our website is under attack by a hacker. Right now within the last 24 hours we have banned more than 30 IPs.
We are tracking this person and his personal information.

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More than 400 tracks signed for 2016!

Today we completed 400 songs for 2016, it was a very good year with too many and amazing songs. Our goals for 2017 are much bigger and we believe that all of us together, we will bring the success. We started from scratch and now we have an important role in the music industry. Thank you all for your support!

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Can I remix songs released from the Alveda Music Group?

Everyone is free to remix any track released from our label group. But you cannot release these tracks on third party labels, you may need to contact us first.

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Stay tuned for a lot of fresh stuff!

We have a lot of upcoming releases, so please stay tuned! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud and all the social media for daily stuff!

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Progressive Nation Vol. 32 [Play This! Records]

Title: Progressive Nation Vol. 32
Label: Play This! Records
Available on Beatport: http://btprt.dj/2gjfzjH

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President of Alveda Music is interest for partnerships with labels worldwide

AMVA (or Alveda Music Various Albums) is a label that works with compilation albums, controlled by the Alveda Music Group. The President of the label group, Falcos Panagiotis is interest for partnerships with labels worldwide in order to work on an open licensing plan and create a large catalog of compilation albums in Greece.

27 November 2016 Music Industry  Partners Read more

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