Press Release

March 2, 2021 - Music Industry

Our label group after spending more time on artists using similar titles with third party artists these days by solving artist name issues, mappings, violations and answering on report notices, we had decided to update the terms on the version 2.4 contracts. It’s more important for us to invest time on more important stuff that can benefit the whole catalog, so we had decided to set an end on that issue.

Artists using the same artist name with other artists may not be allowed to sign any of our contracts. Only the first artist having the first ever release may be able to sign a contract with us. In any other case it will be described as a violation of our terms.

We highly suggest all labels, distributors, platforms to consider and follow the same term in the future as it is not fair for the original artists trying to build their unique brand name. It has to be easier for the fans and people to discover music, so having multiple artists using the same name is not something that people are interest on.

Thank you

Falcos Panagiotis (Owner of Alveda Music)

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