Ramzi Benlakehal Interview

November 18, 2018 - Interviews

An exclusive interview of Ramzi Benlakehal. DJ and Music Producer from Algeria with influences from names like Armin Van Buuren, Andrew Rayel and many others.

-How did your career begin (and when)?

It all began in my home using a pc that can’t even handle the Native Plugins of my DAW in 2012, I was 18 years old and it all started for fun and for love of music, then it became a serious thing

-Which was your first DAW?

My First DAW was FL Studio 10 By Image Line

-What do you think about your favorite artists?

I’m so amazed by their works, and proud because always happy with their music, as a trance Addict, Armin Van Buuren is my idol, he is always dominating the top Charts with his music and now he’s taking his business and music career to another level by making Weekly Vlogs, Weekly Radio Show, and non-stop touring

-Do you have any dreams and plans for the future?

Of course, my short-term plan is to become one of the top artists of Alveda Music and

Be a top trance artist,

I will create my own Label when the time is ready and not forgetting that I want to launch my DJ live Performance career and play every week.

About the long-term, playing in every big festival and share my love and passion for music,

What drew you to the music industry?

  • Who are you inspired by?
  • Please explain your creative process
  • What’s an average day like for you?
  • Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?
  • Do you collaborate with other artists?
  • Armin drew me to the music industry he’s my inspiration, it all began when a friend of mine sent me Orbion by Armin Van Buuren, when I heard it I was really amazed, I kept Listening again and again, the melody and vocals got me so good that I even couldn’t stop listening to it that day, then I said to myself, I want to do this, I want to make music and make this kind of music,

  • My creative process is simple, trying random stuff, random melody and sounds until it sounds right to my ears, I always divide my work to 3 main parts, the first is composition, second arrangement and the last is mixing and mastering

  • My average day is full of activities, I always make music, I’m always in my DAW trying new stuff, learning new techniques, I also do workout everyday which is helping me focusing in making music, I love to spend time with friend and family

  • Each track of me has a meaning, you can spot this from the melodies and song titles that describe the mood that I’m in,

  • For now, I’m focusing on my own creative mind, but in the coming years I’m planning to collaborate with many of my favorite and friend artists

-Which DAW do you use to produce music?

I Still use FL Studio by Image Line, I have the 12.3 version and I’m really happy with it, friendly to use and helps through my production process, Image Line is doing a massive work, I’m really Satisfied with it and I don’t see my self using another DAW, many people asking me questions Like, Ramzi Which DAW do you use? Which One is the best? I think all the DAWs are the same, for sure it’s a different algorithm but same purpose and I always say that Its always about the Chef not the Kitchen.

-Do you play any instruments?

No, I Don’t, but I’m planning to learn Guitar and take advanced Piano Lessons

-Is your family musical?

No, I don’t have a musician in my family,

-Describe your family member’s musical interests and abilities.

My family likes to listen to music so much especially traditional, they enjoy the classical music

-Who are your favorite musicians?

Armin Van Buuren, Mino Safy, Jorn Van Deynhoven And Alex Morph for trance

Also, I like to listen to classical music from André Rieu

-Have you been in competitions?

Yes, I’ve been in some competitions for remixing tracks, lately I’ve won one and they will announce it officially.

-Do you perform in public as a DJ?

Yes, my last was 4 hours set at Holi Festival of colors in Algeria last year, but since then I didn’t perform, I’m focusing on my music and finishing my studies, and then I’ll perform again and launch my career officially.

Ramzi Benlakehal

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