YouTube Music Videos VS Original Tracks

November 19, 2016 - Music Industry

In this world there are so many pirates who use YouTube to download music by converting videos to mp3 files. The big difference is that the most labels like Alveda Music are using 128kbps mp3 files for their videos, meaning that the quality is low. Many people think that when they convert YouTube Videos to 320kbps mp3s files they get this quality, but they are wrong. The only thing that you get is an 128kbps mp3 file that takes the space of a 320kbps mp3 file, so the quality is 128kbps but is taking more space for no reason.

Stores like iTunes, Beatport, JunoDownload etc. are providing original and high quality files (320kbps mp3s and 16bit WAV files). So if you would like to get the highest quality of music, then you have to buy it! It’s the only way to have the highest quality sound… Thanks

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