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Green light to continue the grow of the label group

We would like to announce that there are 4 new labels on the label group in order to maximize the growth of the catalog of the main label.


  • Alveda Gold
  • Alveda Subject
  • Alveda Pulse
  • Alveda Liquid

On the future, the main label may focus on compilation albums.


17 September 2017 Music Industry Read more

More than 700 releases are available by the Alveda Music Group!

Right now there are more than 700 releases out there from the Alveda Music Group and more than 1000 signed tracks! Stay always tuned, we always some fresh and amazing releases coming up!


22 June 2017 Music Industry Read more


As far as we started, these days we are operating more services and more content than any day before. You will see that some stuff is not updated daily as the time is very limited (even in the social media).

For the moment we are unable to upload new stuff on YouTube, but we will upload everything sure on the end of September.

For new contracts it may take 5-7 days to complete the process and around 3-5 days to get the artwork/release information etc.

We have also made our criteria much higher on demos in order to limit the releases and reduce some work time.

From the first day of October everything will be solved. You will see more and more amazing releases every day!


9 June 2017 Music Industry Read more

Podcasts are now available!

Now you find podcasts by DJs from the label group here:


18 March 2017 Music Industry Read more

TTP Music Records the ex label of Alveda Music hacked by a vietnamese hacker on 9/3/2017

The hacker had changed the password and the image of the Google and the YouTube account of TTP Music Records. The label is not active but it’s were the project “Alveda Music” begin, resulting the label group that we have now. The strangest thing is how this hacker found the password to open the account with just one or two login attempts.


17 March 2017 Music Industry Read more

We are planning contests within the next months! Stay tuned!

Make sure that you follow us everywhere to stay tuned about the latest contests, updates etc.


15 March 2017 Music Industry Read more

The new logo is bringing the label group to a new era

We would like to present you the new logo of Alveda Music which brings us to a new era. Big thanks to everyone for supporting our plans all these years!


20 February 2017 Music Industry Read more

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