Dance Mechanic

Dance Mechanic


Certified DJ/Producer, Music Production Instructor for Jam Music Studio. Used to drum on pots and pans as a child, eventually going on to playing the drums. Had an interest in electronic music as well. Slowly as i grew, my focus shifted more towards electronic music. Started Djing in clubs in Mumbai eventually leading to producing my own tracks. Struggling with academics as well as family pressure, i know there was no turning back now. I had too much creativity and inspiration inside of me, a bit of talent as well one could say. From hip hop beats to tech house tunes, i was producing it all. My first official track “Mantra” was a major confidence booster when it came to producing music. It was the starting point of my journey. My love for music is limitless and all i want to do is make people dance.



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Nationality: India

Resident in: India