DoubleBeats was first formed in 2013 when two friends decided to work together. In the first year they just went to house parties and did an awesome job on the dancefloor. Soon after that they got their own weekly radio show in the local radio, hundreds of people listened to their mixes every week.

This took until 2015 when they started to do their own work, they started producing their own music, but this wasn’t a long journey for them since they reunited in 2016, and get together in the studio to combine what they worked on. They started to release music soon, trying to find their own sound what they are the best at. They got their own radio show for a year in a Hungarian nation-wide radio called Fehérvár Rádio (FM 94.5). They even performed some shows in some of the local clubs.

In the past they did not know what is the sound is they are looking for, but since then that’s changed, and they fully committed to the Deep House/Tech House genre, trying to release as many songs as they can.

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