Hi! I’m Kraxus, a music producer from India. I’ve had a burning desire for music since I was a child.

I was born into a family with big interest in music. Because of that I was introduced to the magic of music at a very young age. As a teenager I worked hard so that I could buy my first very own synthesizer, the Yamaha CS1x. Soon I had my room filled with synthesizers, sound modules, midi-interfaces, computers and a lot of other equipment. I also found a lot of interest in guitars and I played keyboards in two cover bands. Eventually I also found my way into DJing.Music is truly my passion and that passion has just grown bigger through the years.

Today I’m producing music on a completely different setup.

You can find my music on Beatport, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer etc. I’m very excited about what the future holds for me.



Agency: Alveda Bookings

Email: bookings@alvedamusic.com

The artist

Nationality: Indian

Resident in: India