The Maximus

The Maximus


The Maximus is a Duo EDM Producers Comprises of an Engineer and Hotelier From New Delhi, INDIA. They are producing some heart touching and dance floor smashing music since March 2017.

They are new to the scene but got signed various labels like Alveda Pulse , Encourage Records, MF- Records, Restate Records and many more.

Their music is also have been appreciated by TWIIG, TUNGEVAAG & RAABAN, MARNIK, STEVEN VEGAS, LUCA TESTA and many more.

They Don’t Own any studio yet but they give maximum of their time in making music alongside academics.

With their signature music making style and managing the music production along with their academics is appreciable.



Agency: Alveda Bookings

Email: bookings@alvedamusic.com

The artist

Nationality: India

Resident in: India